I have been on the Internet for many, many years; probably since the 2000’s. But I was really only learning about computers then, how to use them, how to use the Internet, furthermore; using “The Net” to meet people. When one day, I happened to learn about ATC’s from a family member, and once I looked into them, that was it, I was instantly addicted…and have been ever since.

The reason for this website “darscreativecave.ca” is so that I can manage as much as possible from ONE site. Facebook, Blogger, You Tube, Flickr, Google, arrrgghhh soooooo many!!!!! Now I will be able to focus on less than that here.

You will be able to see my videos on You Tube, photos of my art, others’ art, my family and living environment and much, much more right here. Which is the purpose of why darscreativecave.ca has been created.

e m b o s s i n g    f o l d e r s